Why back up is important!

The importance of back up!

This summer I have been working on many changes to make my clients experience a better one! I want things to be easy to navigate and clear for you! As I was working through these changes technology decided it had other plans! It wanted to make my life a little more difficult! My external hard drive decided it wanted to fail! Really!?!?...I couldn’t believe it! The great news is I have back up storage! This honestly was the one reason I was able to keep moving forward and not worry! I know by having my work in multiple locations it will keep my work and your images safe!

Public Domain: Stock Image

Public Domain: Stock Image

I’m still working on getting my files back and this will probably be another weeks worth of downloading to get everything set back to how things were before the crash! It gave me a gentle reminder of why if something is important to me I should also have it printed!

In today’s society, we can easily snap a button to take a picture with our phones. What happens when technology fails? Would you be able to retrieve your information? What happens if the file itself decides to corrupt? Backing up your information is a great idea, but ultimately, putting it to print is another way to ensure you don’t lose things which are important to you!