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How to figure out the right size for your wall art...

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Wall Art

So you are about to buy some wall art but you aren’t sure where to begin. What size do I get and where do I put it? How am I going to know if it looks good in my home? These are all fantastic questions you should have before placing your wall art on your walls.


How we figure out what size wall art do you need…

Here at Wise Images Photography, we have a program which allows us to place your artwork on the wall. During our consultations, I will ask you to take a straight on shot of the wall you are wanting to have your wall art displayed. You will leave everything as it is and the only thing you need to add is a letter size piece of paper on the all for me to scale your room! This way when we have our in person reveal and order session, you can see what it will look like on your walls! How cool is that?


Now you know you will get a preview, what size should I get?

A good rule of thumb is 75% of the space should be filled whether it is one piece of photographic art or multiple pieces of artwork. Therefore, if you had a sofa which was 100 inches in length, you would want the piece or pieces of artwork to cover 75 inches of length. If you are hanging above a couch or chair, I would suggest hanging it 10 inches above so you can move around and not worry about knocking your wall art off the wall!


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Do you need help with sizing up your photographs or decorating your home with your family? Schedule an appointment with me and lets come up with a plan!