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The importance of printing your photographic images!; Clermont Photographer

January 26, 2018


The importance of printing your photographic images!


In today’s digital world it is easy to forget about printing up images. We are busy backing up all our files on hard drives and clouds. However, printing an image is the one way to preserve your most important memories. Here are some reasons why printing an image is very important.



Prints will always be around

I still remember being in 8th grade and working in the dark room. This was over…we don’t need to say that number…anyways, I still have my prints from 8th grade which I developed. Anyways, I remember when I first started photographing as a professional photographer! We had moved into the digital era. At the time, we were using CDs and DVDs to store images or video for our clients. I remember before CDs we had Floppy Disks? Do you remember those? Think about what will happen to all your images if you don’t print them. As technology changes you risk losing your memories. Think about it. Do computers come with CD/DVD drives anymore? Those were phased out! However, by making prints you will not be impacted negatively as our technology changes and old technology is no longer accessible.



Prints are a nice tangible item to have in hand

We don’t get many breaks from technology in this highly digital world. I know some of my favorite times have been going back and looking at my old photo albums with friends or family! There is something more personal with having these prints in your hand instead of clicking next on the computer. Also, you get to miss the distractions often associated with a computer such as email and social media notifications. So detach and curl up on the couch with your favorite photographic memories!

Dark Room PhotosDark Room Photos


Prints last longer than a lifetime

Have you ever come across an old photograph? When you have physical prints you have a tangible item to pass down to the next generation. Your print becomes a family heirloom or documentation of history to pass onto those younger than you. It is important to capture these memories but it is equally as important to preserve them. By printing what you capture is not only for you during your lifetime to reflect on various times of your life but for your grand kids, your great grand kids, and future generations to come. Handing down a user name and password to the next generation where it might get lost somewhere down the line isn’t nearly as cool as getting the physical prints or album!


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