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Feeling clumsy in photographs? Try these ideas!: Winter Garden Photographer

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Feeling clumsy in photographs? Try these ideas!


Some folks don’t like their photographs taken and I’m here to let you know this is a perfectly natural feeling. The last thing we want during a photography shoot is for you to appear stiff and nervous. These will not make for the awesome photographs I want you to look back on in years to come. I want you to remember the day as a fond memory! The first step is finding the right photographer whom you feel comfortable with whether it is me or someone else. My number one thing is I want you to be happy during your wedding or portrait session! If it is with me…I’m completely stoked and if you feel more comfortable with someone else, I’m still stoked! I want what is best for you and your family! So let’s talk about some tips to rock out your photographs!


Posture is key!

Don’t forget to stand up straight! Posture is important and you don’t want to be slouching. On the other hand, you don’t want to appear stiff either. Practice before your shoot to get the good posture without looking rigid. Some ideas before the shoot is to take a breath and maybe even stretch a bit before your session or wedding.  Ladies you can focus on shifting your shoulders back and down for a fashionable look or if you are feeling flirty squeeze your shoulders near your chin. Gentlemen, you can lean forward and look at the camera square on for the more masculine look. We will go over ideas for what you want to accomplish during your photography session or wedding!


Moving poses!

Instead of sitting and posing we might have you move a bit! For example, we might have you pick up your partner and give them a whirl or have you spin in your wedding dress. You can walk towards the camera or away from it. Let’s have fun and have you give me a look back over your shoulder. Sometimes by moving and focusing on your family or each other you will forget I’m there.


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Laughing is important!

I love saying things to make you all laugh. There will be times with couples I will have you all say things to each other to keep you all laughing as well! If this is a family shoot, I might have you tickle your kiddos! Laughter is truly the best medicine!


Practice your moves!

Check yourself out in a mirror before the session. Angle your face at different angles to see what works best for you. Think of a clock and put your face in the different “hour” time slots 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. Make a big clock and then a small clock to see what works best for you! You don’t want to look like a deer in the headlights so practice smiling and slightly squinting your eyes. If your smile is too big, try smiling a little less to see if this makes a difference.


In short, try to relax and trust your photographer. They want you to look fantastic!


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