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A day with Bryan and Jen: Clermont Photographer

January 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

A day with Bryan and Jen

I had a blast hanging out with Bryan and Jen for a recreation of photographs and what I will call an anniversary session!


The first meeting:

Jen had reached out to me about re-creating photographs of her Grandmother back in July of 2017. She wanted to stage up the different photographs of her Grandmother and her posing as her Grandmother. I asked her to send me the various photographs she had in mind and then we discussed what would be entailed to accomplish the various photographs. Some time passed and then later in the year we discussed the photographs more in depth to figure out which one’s we were going to re-create. Then we also decided to do some photographs with her and Bryan in the modern day era!

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The Clermont photography session:

It was a fantastic day for a photography session! We set up in various places to get the background to match the locations in the photographs from the past as best as we could. Jen brought a couple of different outfits and shoes for the various outfit changes. Our main location was over at the Clermont Historic Village Museum in Clermont, Florida. Then we walked over to the dock by Lily’s on the Lake near Waterfront Park on Lake Minneola. The re-creations were a bit of a challenge because we couldn’t get the backgrounds exactly the same but it was tons of fun! People must have thought we were crazy as Jen was sitting in a fur coat out in 80+ degree weather! The other difficulties was snow on a small budget. Um…..Florida doesn’t have snow so we decided to go with white sheets for the snow. We didn’t have enough so I knew I would graphically design the snow for the rest of the stairs we couldn’t cover. After the recreation, we went to a more modern feel and we took some casual fun photographs down by Lake Minneola and the pretty green field.


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After the Clermont photography session:

After the session, I went home and proceeded to edit and cull all the photographs! The post production did last a little longer than I like due to the advanced editing needed to create the snow. However, the results were fantastic!!!! Jen and I met a few weeks later to have our reveal and order session! It was really great to see Jen again. Little did I know their 3 year anniversary was only a few days away!


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Thank you:

Thank you again for calling me in for this special project! It was loads of fun and I can’t wait for us to have another cool project together! Happy Anniversary Jen and Bryan!

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