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5 things to do when you wake up on your wedding day!: Orlando Photographer

September 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

You wake up….guess what? It is YOUR WEDDING DAY!!!! What do you do next? You are probably going to feel super excited and the nerves are going to be going crazy. Please take a few moments to help you get ready for YOU and YOUR life partner’s day!




The average human body is made up of about 60% of water. Water will help you stay focus and it boosts energy. There are other great benefits as well but these are the main two reasons for the day!



Eat a healthy breakfast.

You might be feeling very nervous and full of jitters. Your body needs fuel to get going in the mornings. Remember it is important to have the energy needed on this very special and busy day!



Take some time to yourself.

Take a few minutes to meditate and get focused about the day. I would take this time to visualize the day. Then let your wedding planner, MOH, and bridesmaids worry about making sure everything goes according to plan.



Air your wedding dress out.

Your wedding dress has been sitting in its protective bag. You will want to take it out of the bag so it can keep it from getting wrinkled. This also gives your wedding dress time to decompress as well from being in the bag. It also lets you see the condition of your dress in case you need to steam out those last few wrinkles if needed.



Be present.

Put your cell phone down and focus on your day! Let people know ahead of time to contact your wedding planner, MOH, or bridesmaids if they need information. The day will fly by quickly. You don’t want to take up additional time by being on your phone answering questions and being on social media. Another option is giving your phone to a trusted friend to take your calls and texts for the day.


I know I didn’t put this on the list but have fun and enjoy every moment of the day!


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