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Picking the right Wedding Videographer!: Winter Garden Photographer

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Picking the right Wedding Videographer!


1.      Check your wedding budget

Weddings are expensive and at the end of the day, you will want to be able to have the chance to go back and relive these moments over and over again. Getting the right wedding videographer is the key! The great thing about video is it allows you to see people moving and hear their laugh and voice. I would think about areas where you could shave cost so you can afford a wedding videographer. Thinking about video from the start and having room for it in your budget is a good way to ensure you can capture your wedding memories.


2.                 Review the work of multiple videographers

Watch multiple wedding promo videos to see if their style meets your style. Do you want the more cinematic, movie-inspired, documentary, or some other feel to your video? How long will your final product be?


3.      Talk with wedding videographers

Your wedding day can be very stressful and emotional. Choosing the right videographer for your special day is crucial. You need to feel comfortable with them because just like your wedding photographer, you will be spending most of the day together!



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This is a blast from the past.....this is me back in 2010!!! My video stances looked so awkward! My goal was always a steady image! 

wedding video, Orlando Wedding photographer, bride, groomBlast from the past....KT shooting video back in 2010!