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How to find the right wedding photographer for you!: Winter Garden Wedding Photographer

December 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

How to find the right wedding photographer for you!


Wow…did you realize there were so many photographers? Where do you even start? There are so many photographers who photograph weddings and it really can become an overwhelming decision to pick your wedding photographer! I hope my words below will help you in your journey!

I would take some time to think about what are your needs in regards to a photographer. Price is important but what other factors besides price are you thinking about when choosing your photographer? Such as….are they licensed and insured? Do they offer options you are looking for like; printing, metal prints, canvas, or albums? Do they offer high quality or low quality products? Do you get along with them? Remember, you will be spending most of the day with them and this is very important. How many photographers and hours do you need? And so much more…so make sure you talk to the wedding photographer you are interested in working with on your wedding day.

I would check out their images on their website, blog, or social media pages to see if these are the wedding images you want to look back on in years to come! There are so many styles of photography and everyone has their own taste. Do you want more wedding photographs with family and friends or do you want to be whisked away for most of the day to get the most awesome highly styled wedding photographs? You need to pick what is right for you and your future spouse! Discuss your needs with with your wedding photographer.


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I think a mixture of photojournalistic and traditional shooting is a great combination. I also love a little humor as well. I think it is important to get group shots but I don’t want to take up to much time where it disturbs the flow of the wedding. Talk to your wedding photographer about what you want more of in your images so your day is captured perfectly.

Schedule an appointment with someone whose style resonates with you. You want to make sure you all get along because if you are comfortable with your wedding photographer, it will show in your photographs. If you aren't comfortable with them, this will show as well. We want this to be a fun day! It shouldn't be a stressful day! It is always better to meet in person but Skype is another great alternative to see if we get along.

Bottom of the line, I want you to find the right wedding photographer for you, whether it is with me or someone else. I want you to be happy and enjoying your wedding day with your new spouse! Of course, I want you to LOVE your wedding photographs as well! It should be a day you never forget and I hope I have a chance to capture your wedding day for you!


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