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A Guide to Brilliant Wedding Photos Indoors: Orlando Wedding Photographer

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A Guide to Brilliant Wedding Photos Indoors

You think to yourself….man…how am I going to get brilliant photos from an indoor location? I really like those fantastic photos out on the rolling open field or down by the water but it is Florida and it rains all the time. Keep reading for some great tips on getting the wedding photos you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl with an indoor wedding venue!


Check out your venue:

You will want to pick a venue which has a lot of natural light and has lighter walls. Keep in mind the day of your wedding and the potential shadows which could cast at this location. I remember shooting in a room which was green and the skin tones turned out green. I was able to fix this in post but it didn’t make for the most flattering photographs. If your location is dark and has colored walls it can reflect harsh lighting which would be unfavorable. You should do some research about how photos have turned out at this location to see what your potential pictures could look like for you! 


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Got lights?

Two key things are needed to make a fabulous photograph…lighting and composition. After all, photographer means writing with light! When looking to take photographs indoors your photographer will want to look for natural light and as I mentioned before check for the shadows. The larger the windows the more natural lighting you will have for your wedding photographs. If you are going to be in a location with minimum natural lighting, please let me know so I can bring additional lighting to compensate for the lack of lighting.


Wedding Décor:

If you have a stunning location with a gorgeous interior set up, it will make for beautiful images for you all. You can always bring greenery in with your flowers and get some color with different types of flowers. Setting up the décor to add to the scene and not detract is essential.  Setting the scene right will give you the type of wedding photographs you are looking for to enjoy in the years to come.


In short, if you love the space it will show in your photographs so make sure you are happy with the space you have chosen to get those spectacular photographs of your wedding.


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