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6 ways to feel self-assured and relaxed in your wedding photographs!: Orlando Wedding Photographer

December 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

6 ways to feel self-assured and relaxed in your wedding photographs

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Are you nervous in front of the camera? Do you love being in front of the camera? Either way…let’s face it, we aren’t use to having someone follow us around with a camera all day long, unless you are famous, but that is another story! This can be a little intimidating. Let’s talk about ways to feel self-assured and staying relaxed in your wedding photos!


1.   Do an engagement session:

An engagement session is like a test run for your wedding day. You will be able to learn how you and your wedding photographer are going to jive during the day. If you are feeling comfortable during the engagement session, this is a great indicator you all will be fantastic on your wedding day! This also gives your wedding photographer time to give you tips and tricks on how to pose the best for your photographs in a one on one situation!


2.   Chat with your photographer:

Talk about the engagement session and your wedding day. Are there features you like or dislike about yourself? Letting your wedding photographer know beforehand gives you time to address your needs so you get the types of shots you all are looking to put in your house and cherish forever!


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3.   Think positive

The law of attraction…if you think positive you will appear happier in photographs and if you think negative you will appear sad in your photographs. So exude confidence to get those gorgeous pictures!


4.   It’s an angle thing!

Want to look your best in photographs? Work with your wedding photographer on posing tips such as angling your body for women and men should lean forward and look square at the camera to make you broader and more masculine. There are other tips too but this will get you started!


5.   Ignore the photographer

What? Did you really tell me to ignore my wedding photographer? Yes…you should be focusing on your spouse and enjoying your time with family and friends. This should ease the tension of having someone with a camera there. During the day, there will be times your wedding photographer will be giving you gentle directions to help you but they shouldn’t be cracking the whip so much you don’t enjoy yourself! We want to capture you in in a natural state!


6.   You picked your Wedding Photographer for a reason! So trust them!

You hired your wedding photographer because their style resonated with you and they made an impact you. Trust they will take care of you all during your wedding day and remember they take pride in giving you the best photographs which you will be able to cherish for years to come. If you all are relaxed and happy, you will get the best wedding photographs ever!



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