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4 things to know when planning your engagement session: Orlando Engagement Photographer

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4 things to know when planning your engagement session: Orlando Engagement Photographer



  1. Pick the right photographer according to your photography style:

Find a photographer’s work who resonates with you. Are you more playful, series, or other? If you love the wedding photographers work, set up a meeting to talk with them and make sure you all can work together well. If you all jive on the phone then the engagement session is like having a test run before the wedding to get through all the jitter bugs of being in front of a camera and to see how you all work together face to face. It can really be a lot of pressure finding the right photographer! Remember, you will be spending all day with them on your wedding day! You really want to click together well!

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  1. Pick the perfect location:

Your engagement photographer can help you with this. You want to find a location which means something to the two of you! This is your story and this is what makes the story about you. It lets people know who you are and what you are about. Do you love the ocean, woods, or a quiet park? Are you casual or formal?


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  1. Dressing for the part:

You need to think about how do you want these engagement photographs displayed and what do you want them to show others….what image do you want to convey?


I remember when I was going for my senior portraits….we won’t say how long ago this was either! I remember I knew I wanted to be able to look back and be proud of my senior portrait. I grew my hair out specifically for this photograph so I could look back and have a timeless look to the photograph! Those who know me know this was probably the last time I ever had long hair! The point is, you want something which is stylish, fits your personality, and you can look back in years to come fondly on this photograph. I have a whole list ready for you all to read about and when you book your session I’ll be more than happy to give you a helping hand in ideas for your apparel.  

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  1. Have fun and relax:

Let’s face it….wedding planning can be stressful! During your engagement session, it should be a fun time! Have some must have shots ready to share with your partner and photographer and then relax and have fun the rest of the time during your engagement session. Keep it simple!