Remembering my Downtown Orlando Engagement session: Orlando Wedding Photographer

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This particular article I'm going to share with you all brought up a memory of mine from an engagement session I did a very long time ago. I want to say it was at least over 10 years ago for this particular photo shoot! I remember as I was learning about photography there were a lot do's and dont's which were impressed on me by someone who taught me a lot about photography. I'm very thankful for those lessons!

Needless to say, we had a soon to be bride and groom who wanted an engagement session in downtown Orlando and our number one goal was to find the dirtiest or grungiest area possible! I know this idea is completely the opposite of the article I'm going to share with you but I couldn't help but remember this day! So the goal was basically the complete OPPOSITE of everything I had been told to do when photographing weddings and I had so much fun breaking the rules! We literally walked around Orlando through every single alley trying to find what the soon to be bride and groom were looking for in their engagement session. Things I would normally never do on a photography session, I did it in this session! Every time I saw a this what you are looking this dirty looking enough for you...what about this....and they would say yes or lets keep looking! Then we stopped at a pizza place before continuing to look for crazy places to photograph. It really was a great day breaking the norms for myself! 


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Here is the article which sparked a memory in my brain!


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